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I have been doing research into the Hukins family that originates from High Halden in Kent England. I have masses of information but there are a lot of gaps that need filling in. Any one who can give me some help please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page.  At this stage I go back to the early 1700's but there are a huge number of missing links.

I have discovered that there is family in Australia, South Africa, Japan, New Jersey and United Kingdom. A number of Hukins still live in High Halden, and surrounding areas in Kent.

My Great Grandfather was born in High Halden. My Grandmother Kate was born in Bethersden. (Husband Leslie Baldwin see Baldwin Family Tree) My mother was also born in Bethersden and unfortunately passed away on 17 June 2002. She had so much information at her fingertips that I would never have been able to get where I did with the tree without her help. The whole family originates from John Hukins and Mary Qui-Hampton(married 12 October 1727). One of their sons, John Hukins (1759 - 1819) married Elizabeth Critteden (1753 - 1808). They had one son who went to Australia - James Hukins (1792) who was married to Susanna Fullanger and another son Richard Hukins (1779 - 1858) who was married (13 July 1802) to Elizabeth Brunger (1778 - 1825). There was also a son George Hukins (1803 - 1873) married to Margaret Munn (1819 - 1875. The latter two I have a lot of information on but many blank spots.

There is another Hukins family in Australia who originate from Chartham (Chatham?) Kent. Their great, great grandfather is William Ambrose Hukins born in 1830 in Chartham who married Clare Marshal born 1839 in Reading. Any information on this family would also be a help as I keep in touch with Australia. I am sure that if we could manage to go back far enough we will find that both families originate from the same Hukins. Ambrose Hukins father was Jefse (nickname?) Hukins (1801) married to Elizabeth Christian in 1826. Jefse Hukins father was Ambrose Hukins born in Chartham (date of birth unknown) who was married to Elizabeth Burchet in 1784.

I receive new information all the time and the "tree" grows constantly.

Since my last update I have received a lot more news and the tree still gets bigger.

Anyone in the Hukins family who is interested, please contact me at the E-mail address below.


 Click HERE to see the full Hukins Family Tree as I have it. Any further news will always be appreciated.

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